Namūẓaju al-Ta’allumi al-Mudammaji fī Ta’līmi Al-Lugati Al-‘Arabiyyati bi wāsiṭati Niẓāmi Idārati At-Ta’līmi fī Jāmi’ati Sitībank Al-Islāmiyyati

  • Khambali Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim
Keywords: Arabic language teaching, blended learning model, learning management system


The research aims to determine the use of the Learning Management System or LMS in teaching Arabic using the blended learning model at STEBANK. The blended learning model appeared in the nineties, which was used in several universities with simple equipment, and nowadays technologies have developed significantly in all areas, especially in information and communication, including technology in education, or it is famously called with education management system platform term. Universities or schools have competed in their use of application in education, so that the learning objectives that are drawn up in their curriculum are more easy, effective and fast. In addition, the Ministry of Education and Culture has urged universities and schools to use communication and information technology in their education activities. However, some universities, including STEBANK, have cooperated with the developers of educational platforms to implement the education in blended learning model by the learning management system, in addition to preparing the appropriate educational tools with this technology such as study plans, videos, course book, electronic examination tools and others.