Problematics of Character-Based Arabic Learning During Pandemic Time at Boarding School Assyifa Subang

  • Asep Sopian Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Rinaldi Supriadi Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Character, covid-19 pandemic, learning arabic, problematics


A necessity in learning there is a process of interaction between teachers and students. Usually, this interaction is done face-to-face, but during the current covid-19 pandemic, interactions between teachers and students are conducted online in almost all schools. This raises several problems faced by teachers and students, especially in character-based Arabic learning in high school. This research aims to examine and provide solutions related to the problems of learning Arabic at the As-Syifa Boarding School Subang High School. The subjects of this study were teachers and students of the As-Syifa Boarding School Subang High School. Observation, interviews, and documentation collected data. The data analysis used is data display, data reduction, and triangulation. The study results explain that the problem of language aspects is caused by aspects of semantics, phonology, and grammar. As for the non-language aspect, it is caused by internal and external factors of students, especially technological factors that do not support learning, and devices are more widely used by students, not for knowledge but are used for playing games, using TikTok applications, etc., lack of motivation and confidence. The solutions include increasing the components and implementation of learning, strengthening motivation, self-confidence, and fostering good student character.