Taqyīmu Mahārati al-Kalāmi bi Istikhdāmi Ṭarīqati al-Muḥādaṡati fī Ma’hadi al-Iḥyāi Sūbānj

  • Ika Mahmudah Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Evaluation, Speaking Skills, Muhadatsah Method


This research is motivated by the number of students who have difficulty in speaking and memorizing Arabic vocabulary caused by the learning and teaching techniques used by teachers are not in accordance with the objectives of learning Arabic, especially in improving students' speaking skills in Arabic lessons. This study uses a cycle system, namely 1) planning, 2) implementation 3) observation and 4) reflection. And the results of this study indicate that students' speaking skills in Arabic are quite good from all aspects, and have increased by using muhadatsah method. This study aims to improve students' speaking skills, especially in Arabic lessons and the use of muhadatsah method to make it easier for students to read Arabic sentences with certain themes and titles. After using this method in learning Arabic, there were significant differences in the average in the pretest and post-test result. The average score of pretest is 64,2% and the average score after post-test is 83,3%. This result shows the significant differences in learning Arabic using muhadatsah method to improve students’ speaking skill in Arabic lesson.