Taḥlīlu ‘Anwā‘i al-Ma‘ājimi al-‘Arabiyyati: Mazāyā wa Salbiyyātun fi Ta‘allumi al-Lugah al-‘Arabiyyati li Gairi al-Nātiqīna bihā

  • Bagusradityo Aryobimo Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Arabic learning, Advantages and disadvantages, Dictionary


The dictionary is the one of learning media that already made from long time. In the study of the Arabic language, a dictionary would be very useful or, in fact, needed. The dictionary tends to be the most preferred tools by language learners, especially when looking up the meaning of words, grammar, or context of word use in the target language. In the Arabic dictionary development, the dictionary has undergone several stages of change on modern days, either in the form of preparation and writing methodology. On the basis, this study is an attempt to search for answers to formulate the problem about the advantages and disadvantages of learning an Arabic from many types of Arabic language dictionaries that has been developed so far, starting with ownership and use, as well as the reasons and obstacles in their use. The problem with this research is that there are too many types of dictionaries available these days and it is confusing for non-native speaker learner which one is more suitable for learning Arabic. The purpose of this study is to analyze the types of Arabic language dictionaries and find out the advantages and disadvantages for learning Arabic. Data collection method that the author uses is the method of observation and book analysis. After obtaining the data, the authors analyzed the data by combining the theory of types of Arabic dictionaries in chapter B with the reality of Advantages and Disadvantages on the ground that was written in chapter C.