Al-Ajrumiyyah Learning by Using Mnemonic Strategies

  • Aizzatin Habibah Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Al-Ajrumiyyah, Learning, Mnemonic Strategies


Learning Arabic without the knowledge of nahwu cannot be understood. Al-Ajrumiyyah book is one of the books used in studying Arabic grammar (Gunawan et al, 2018: 237). In order to make learning more interesting and easier for students, teachers need to be more creative and innovative in determining learning strategies, one of which is mnemonics. So in writing this article, it is to explain the various techniques contained in mnemonic strategies that can be used in al-Ajrumiyyah learning. The method used is a literature review. With this strategy, it is hoped that al-Ajrumiyyah supporting teachers can create more interesting learning activities and increase students' motivation in learning. Then, this study can be used as a reference for other researchers to carry out further research.