Istiksyāfu Al-mumārasāti Al-‘ākisati Li Mu‘allimī Al-‘arabīyyati ka Lugatin Ajnabīyyatin wa Al-taḥdīyati fī Indūnīsiyā

  • Frida Akmalia Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: AFL teacher, challenges of reflection, perception, reflective practice


This paper explores AFL teachers' attitudes, practices, and reflection issues in the classroom. In this study, qualitative research methodologies were used to collect and analyze data. Six AFL Islamic Junior High School teachers in Indonesia provided data via observation, semi-structured interview, focused group discussion, and documentation. The findings reveal that AFL teachers saw reflective practice as largely an evaluative process for their teaching careers. They all feel that reflective practice is one of the qualities of an excellent teacher and that it can help them enhance their teaching skills. The majority of their remarks were descriptive and dialogic in nature. The AFL teachers highlighted teaching burden and a lack of awareness of reflective practice as barriers to reflection.