Conflict Mitigation Strategies Between Employer and Indonesian Workers in Saudi Arabia

  • Afnan Arummi Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta
Keywords: conflict mitigation, politeness strategy, requesting speech act


This study investigates the strategies used by the Consular Functions Officer of the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh in resolving conflicts between employers and Indonesian workers. Data is collected directly from recorded conversations by phone between the Consular Function Officer, the Indonesian Worker and the employer. The method used in collecting this data is refer to the free-engagement technique, recording technique and note-taking technique. So, the data that has been collected is transcribed and transliterated by the author. In the analysis, what the author focuses on is all requesting utterances which are indicated as a form of mitigation to solve a problem. There are 10 speech acts of requesting which is a form of mitigation. These forms are realized in two forms, interrogative which consist of 7 data and declarative consist of 3 data. Judging from the strategy, the mitigation carried out by the Consular Function Officer in the data includes four strategies: indirectness, affirmation, immediacy and hedge with two application patterns, single pattern and combination pattern. In addition, there is also a politeness scale principle used which includes a benefit scale, an option scale, an indirectness scale and a social distance scale.