Emerging Concerns in Pre-Service Teacher Education Management in Ghana: A Perspective from Quality Assurance

  • Richard Lioner Gorni Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Udin Syaefudin Sa'ud Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


This qualitative study adopts a rigorous research design to investigate the pressing challenges confronting pre-service teacher education management in Ghana, offering a distinct focus on quality assurance. Through in-depth interviews, and document analysis, the research uncovers critical issues such as curriculum relevance, pedagogical innovation, resource inadequacies, and faculty development. The paper engages with a comprehensive literature review, examining the historical context of teacher education in Ghana and global perspectives on quality assurance in education. The study provides a nuanced exploration of emerging concerns and subsequently proposes robust quality assurance measures. By delving into accreditation processes, continuous monitoring, and stakeholder engagement, the paper offers a roadmap for enhancing the overall quality of pre-service teacher education. The inclusion of case studies, both domestic and international, further enriches the discussion, presenting viable models for successful implementation. The research concludes with a thoughtful discussion that synthesizes the findings, delineates their implications for policy and practice, and puts forth actionable recommendations for improving pre-service teacher education in Ghana. Through this qualitative inquiry, the paper seeks to contribute valuable insights to the ongoing discourse on educational excellence, particularly within the context of teacher preparation in Ghana.