Leadership Of Headmaster In Implementation Of Blended Learning During The Covid-19 Pandemic In Terbuka University Dharma Karya Elementary School

  • Bambang Irawan University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta
  • Djam’an Satori Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Leadership, blended learning, COVID-19, Elementary School


The social restriction policy by the Government due to the covid 19 pandemic, limits learning activities so that it has an influence on learning methods in educational units, the need for a different method in learning activities so that learning activities can continue. Blinded learning is an option for implementing learning that can support social restrictions. In the implementation of blinded learning, the role of leadership becomes important to provide decisions in the education unit, as well as evaluate its implementation, so there is a need for a study of the principal's leadership in the implementation of blinded learning. The purpose of this study is to be able to see how the principal's leadership is in implementing blinded learning, and to be able to see the implementation of blinded learning at SD Dharma Karya Open University. The method used is descriptive with a qualitative approach. The results show that the blended learning model is one way of learning that can be done during a pandemic, while still paying attention to several aspects such as life safety and health protocols before their implementation, such as student readiness and the availability of supporting devices and internet networks. Blended learning at the Dharma Karya Elementary School at the Open University is carried out by dividing study shifts based on odd weeks and even classes. The inhibiting factor in the implementation of blended learning learning is an internet network connection that is less stable, while the main supporting factors are flexible study times, adequate equipment, and support from the teacher council and parents. The principal's role in implementing blinded learning is as a policy maker in schools for the implementation of blinded learning in accordance with the achievement of learning objectives, providing motivation to all educational units of SD Dharma Karya UT in implementing the blinded learning learning model, and conducting assessments through good monitoring and evaluation. on the learning process and learning outcomes.