Governance Of Graduate Programs Of Selected Prominent Universities In Different Countries: Strategies In Addressing Challenges And Impacts Of Global Changes

  • Eka Prihatin Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Said Hamid Hassan Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Mohammad Fakry Gaffar Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: prominent universities, governance, graduate programs, initiatives, strategies and challenges


The present study is on the Governance of Post-Graduate Program: Strategies in Addressing the Impact of Rapid Global Changes upon the Governance of Graduate Programs of Selected Universities of Various Different Countries. The problems of the study are formulated in the following questions. (1) what is the nature of graduate programs of those selected universities (2) what are the general trends of governance of the graduate programs (3) how is the governance of the graduate programs addresses the impact of global changes upon the graduate programs (4) what strategies and innovations of the governance in addressing the impact for enhancing the quality of the graduate programs, and (5) what are the implications of the study particularly upon the governance of Indonesia University of Education. The subjects were Harvard University, Stanford University, The Ohio State University, Oxford University, University of Leiden, University of Heidelberg, National University of Singapore, University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (Malaysia), Monash University, Sydney University, University of Western Australia and Seoul National University. As the study conducted during the period of pandemic covid-19, the information was collected from officially published documents from official websites of each university, and downloaded by internet platform. Information from the official documents were selected by using a survey instrument. In addition, some research collaborators joined to provide more information and insight on the academic, social and cultural environments of the subjects. The findings show that, the governance of post-graduate programs are classified into two patterns: one where the graduate programs are organized under the same faculty with undergraduate program and the second graduate programs are organized under a faculty or a college of postgraduate. It is also found that in general each university took initiatives to respond to the global changes and pandemic challenges in closely similar global strategies. They adapt the governance of the university, develop new strategies to responding the challenges without leaving the characteristics of their historical, cultural and academic background. They also developed new graduate programs which are relevant for global study and pandemic situation, and adjusted the delivery system where students can do their study by on-line and off-line. The study also found that the universities provide more opportunities for international students to have their post- doctoral education. Some strategies which are suitable for Indonesia University of Education are recommended.