Increasing Teachers' Creativity Through The Development Of Self-Efficacy

  • Sutji Harijanto Pakuan University
  • Dwi Ari Lita Nugroho Ningtyas Pakuan University
  • Griet Helena Laihad Pakuan University
Keywords: Teacher’s Creativity, Self Efficacy


This research uses a correlational research and SITOREM analysis which consists of one independent variables, namely Self-Efficacy and one variable that is tied to Teacher Creativity. This research was conducted at MA Negeri in Bogor Regency in 2021, with a research population of 147 and there are 108 samples selected using proportional random sampling. The method used in this research is survey and data analysis techniques, with statistical statistics and simple linier regression and multiple linier regression. The research result, namely: first, there is a significant positive relationship between self efficacy (X1) and teacher creativity (Y) with regression of the equation form Ŷ= 62,883 + 0,482 X1 and the path coefficient ry2 = 0,584 and the coefficient of determination r2y2 = 0,342. Based on these things, it can be argued that teacher creativity can be increased throught increased self efficacy.