Scientific Writing Assistance: A Perception of Outstanding Elementary School Teachers

  • Rusi Rusmiati Aliyyah Universitas Djuanda (UNIDA)
  • Rasmitadila Universitas Djuanda (UNIDA)
  • Megan Asri Humaira Universitas Djuanda (UNIDA)
Keywords: Mentoring, Classroom Action Research, Teachers, Elementary Schools


This study explores the perception of outstanding teachers who have won national champions in Indonesia regarding mentoring activities for writing scientific papers in the form of classroom action research. The study used a qualitative thematic analysis approach with data collection through surveys and group discussion forums to 10 respondents consisting of nationally accomplished elementary school teachers from Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Banten and Yogyakarta. The analysis results found four main themes: the mentoring program's sustainability for writing scientific papers, the person in charge of the sustainability of the mentoring program, sources of financing for the mentoring program, and recommendations for the implementation of mentoring activities. In addition, respondents gave suggestions that teachers should always be provided with assistance in writing scientific papers regularly and periodically every month by experts in the field of scientific writing in collaboration with universities.