Information System Design for Final Project in Higher Education

  • Hirawati Oemar Bandung Islamic University
  • Sumarto Sumarto Indonesian education university
  • Aan Komariah Indonesian education university
  • Maulana Malik Ibrahim Bandung Islamic University
  • Fijrina Rahma Innayah L Bandung Islamic University
  • Mochamad Kiki Baihaki M Bandung Islamic University
Keywords: Information System, The prototyping method, Final project


The final project is one of the requirements for graduation in higher education. Several stages must be passed, namely the proposal stage, seminar, and thesis trial. Currently, for each stage students must come directly to register with the required documents. Administration performs the collection, processing, reporting, and storage of documents. Problems with storage space, loss of documents, and not being connected to computers make administrative services less effective. This study aims to design a final project information system with the prototyping method. The prototyping method is a system development technique consisting of three stages: the planning stage, in which the system is identified; analysis stage, where business processes are analyzed; the design phase, where systems, processes, logistics, and physical interactions are designed; system interface stage; and the implementation phase, where the database and website are developed using the PHP language and MySQL database. This final project information system makes the final project administration process more efficient in terms of time and resources. The results show that the design of a web-based information system with MySQL database storage media can meet every system need.