Learning Management Of Remote Teacher Movement By using Local Wisdom in Ladly Areas (Natural And Cultural Potential In Mappi District, Papua)

  • June Sihol Marito Br Tamba Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Learning Management, Underdeveloped regions, Local wisdom, Natural Potential, Culture


This study aims to describe how the learning management of Remote Area Mobilization Teachers by utilizing local wisdom in underdeveloped areas in terms of natural potential and local culture. This study uses a qualitative descriptive research type, the research subject is a Regional Contract Teacher called the Remote Area Movers Teacher (GPDT) and the object of research is an elementary school in the Mappi Regency area of Papua. Data collection techniques used in this study through observation, interviews and documentation. Then after getting the results, data analysis was carried out using data reduction techniques, data presentation, and drawing conclusions, data triangulation. The results obtained in this study that learning management by GPDT in its function as a learning manager in the classroom carries out planning, implementation and evaluation activities, guided by the contextual 2013 curriculum and KTSP. With a contextual learning approach based on abilities that are distinguished in the upper class and lower class groups, and utilizing local wisdom in terms of the potential of the environment and local culture in the learning process