The Strategies of SEAMEO Regional Centres Management in Literacy and Numeracy Enhancement in Southeast Asian Countries

  • Lili Indarti SEAMEO Regional Centre for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel (QITEP)
Keywords: Regional Centres, management, literacy, numeracy, Southeast Asian countries


The purpose of this study aims to enhance the understanding of the importance of Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) regional centres ^roles in development of literacy and numeracy in Southeast Asia and to find more information on the governments^ support and their supporting management. Some important influencing factors are financial supporting, centres^ programme, and networks. This research is conducted by descriptive analysis by delivering questionnaires to 26 SEAMEO regional centres to find deep relevant information. The results show that SEAMEO Regional Centres positively support the development of literacy and numeracy in Southeast Asian countries. Each centre varies on financial support provided by the government, centre^s programme, and networking. From a practical perspective, the research emphasizes the needs of SEAMEO centres to effectively operate the centres with existing financial support, develop various innovative programme/ activities, and expands networks.