Management Information Systems for Decision Making in Vocational High School

  • Desi Nurhandayani Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Management Information System, Decision Making


One of the strategies for achieving the educational objectives established in schools through use of technology and information. The data which inputted in the program should be valid data as an initial source of decision making in the vocational high schools according to management information systems. The aim of this paper is to figure out how to use a management information systems program in a vocational high schools and how it affects to decision making in vocational high schools. This research used a qualitative method and the findings show steps of used application management information systems are data input, data validation, data display and data translation. Management information systems has big affect of decision making, identifying problems, determining problem criteria, looking for alternative solutions to problems based on the level of importance determining decisions that are in accordance with culture and goals are the stages of decision making using management information systems.