Quality Learning Service Based on Character BAKU

  • Irwan Maulana Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Learning Quality, System Information Management, Character BAKU


This study aims to describe how Vocational School Daarut Tauhiid has the concept of good and strong character which is implemented in learning service. This research used qualitative approach descriptive. The technique is used in this study are observation technique by observing in the field, interviewing with curriculum section, documentation study by analyzing files, website, recording, which is related to the topic of this research, and data verification by collecting data, reducing data, categorizing data, and validating data. The findings of this research was learning planning was made by Vocational School Daarut Tauhiid is always related with good and strong character and has two curriculum . The actuating of teaching and learning program in Vocational School Daarut Tauhid had PBM Berkarakter Program that was obligated for the teachers to insert strong and good character in every subject as the hidden value and used Islamic term in the question and also implemented by using all facilities. Evaluating that was used by using daily and monthly evaluation, monthly evaluation, semester evaluation, and annually evaluation by using three methods, direct evaluation, indirectly evaluation, and peer to peer evaluation. The concept of quality learning service based on good and strong character can enrich the concept to build character through quality learning service