The Leadership Role Of Principal And Public Relations And His Contribution To The Image Of Junior High School

  • Ipong Dekawati Universitas Wiralodra
  • Yusuf Lukman Nulhakim SMPN 7 Majalengka
  • Rizki Satria Nugraha Universitas Wiralodra


The school image as one of the benchmarks of the school's credibility in providing education services is considered not optimal. Based on the results of initial observations it is suspected that this is a contribution from the principal leadership role and public relations. Therefore, this research is needed to test the truth. Therefore, this study aims to find out and analyze: 1) the amount of contribution of the headmaster's leadership role to the image of the state junior high school, 2) the contribution of public relations role to the image of the state junior high school, and 3) the contribution of the leadership role of the principal and the role of public relations together to the image of the state junior high school. Data collection technique through Likert scale questionnaire to 89 respondents who state junior high school teachers. The results of the data analysis showed that (1) The leadership role of the principal has a contribution to the school image of the state junior high school, (2) The role of public relations has contributed to the image, (3) The leadership role of the principal and the role of community relations have contributed to the image of State Junior High School. In improving the school image, the principal is expected to make the best decision for the school he leads. It can be done by improving communication skills so that alternatives in making decisions become more open. Ideas, messages, and ideas are aligned with the vision of the school's mission so that it becomes more directed and facilitates teachers in its implementation. The school's public relations division must be more responsive in responding to changes and expectations from parents of students in designing a public relations division program can first research so that information presented through community relations can be more targeted by what is needed by parents of students as school service users in organizing education.