Strategy of The Principal in Improving The Compensation System and Teacher Performance at MI Raudlatusshibyan Bogor City

  • Insan Arfani Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Principal strategy, Compensation System, Teacher Performance


This research is motivated by the modern paradigm in the world of education, namely the management model of educational institutions which was developed on the basis of industrial management. The principal's strategy is an effort by the leadership of educational institutions to improve the quality of education, including the quality of teacher performance on the basis of business management. The quality of a teacher's work is influenced by internal and external factors. Compensation is one of the external factors that can improve teacher performance. Thus, by building a good compensation system, teacher performance can also be improved. Therefore, by implementing a good compensation system, teacher performance can also have an impact on improving educational services for students. This study aims to: explain the principal's strategy in improving performance and compensation for teachers, to explain the components of the teacher compensation system, to determine teacher performance after the compensation system is implemented. The approach used in this study is a qualitative descriptive approach with the type of research used is a case study. Data collection techniques using: interviews, observation and documentation.