Implementation of Digital Leadership in developing student learning at SMP Manggala Kab. Bandung

  • Pipih Siti Robiah Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Diding Nurdin Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Changes in Environment, Digital Leadership, Learning Development


This study aims to analyze the implementation of the digital leadership approach in the development of student learning at SMP Manggala Kab. Bandung. Through this research, it is expected to be one of the keys to successful leadership in the development of digital-based learning. The research method used is a case study, with data collection techniques, research using qualitative descriptive methods, literature studies derived from observations, books, and scientific journals
relevant to this research. The results of this study explain that digital-based leadership can encourage teachers to be able to make maximum use of the information technology so that it will have an impact on students’
achievement in learning. With the maximum use of information technology in the school, the principal can encourage teachers to provide creative, innovative, and fun learning for the students. Leaders who follow
technological developments must have skills in influencing, encouraging, guiding, directing, and mobilizing others to achieve the implementation of educational learning development. The role of the
principal greatly determines the quality and ability of the teachers in developing learning in the schools they lead. Digital Leadership must be able to prepare human resources, qualified teachers, who are ready to compete
nationally and internationally. Changes in the mindset and behavior of each teacher are expected to be a motivation in facing any changes in the digitalization era to achieve a quality education.