The Role of Instructional Leadership toward Teacher Self- Efficacy at Petir 02 Elementary School

  • Rizqah Nur Azizah Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


This research has been conducted, and the aim is to describe and analyze the role of instructional leadership toward teacher self-efficacy at Petir 02 Elementary School. It is important to be continually studied to become an example in implementing in the educational organization. The method that is used in this research is quantitative descriptive which involves a quantitative approach. The data was gained through the questionnaire that was distributed to 21 teachers at Petir 02 Elementary School. The result of this research is the roles of instructional leadership give positive impact toward teacher self-efficacy. The roles of instructional leader at Petir 02 Elementary School that gives high positive impact toward teacher self-efficacy are 1) the principal creates a mission to elevate students learning achievement and 2) supporting the staffs in teaching and learning by providing sufficient materials. To conclude, the leader in Petir 02 Elementary School gives motivation to the teacher to use attractive media in the class in order to bear students who has good achievement.